W i n e a n d T a p a s T a s t i n g M e n u s

Tasting Menu 6 Rounds
First Round
White Wine
  • Winery: DIREN
  • Grape: NARİNCE
  • Region: TOKAT
  • Selected Tapas: ARTARTI

Narince is a grape variety with elegant and strong characteristics. You can sense the floral aromas like orange and linden in the nose. The wine has a strong body and lasts a long impression on the palate. It is paired with our Artarti tapas with grilled mushrooms.

Second Round
White Wine
  • Winery: TALAY
  • Grape: VASİLAKİ
  • Bağ Yöresi: BOZCAADA
  • Selected Tapas: VASAR

Vasilaki is one of the four endemic grape varieties that hail from Bozcaada (Tenedos Island). Vasilaki yields easy to drink wines with citrus aromas, and they do not lend themselves to aging. We chose our Vasilaki wine from a local winery in Bozcaada that produces and collects the grapes on the island. Our selected tapas for this serve is Vasar, prepared with dried beans and roasted chard.

Third Round
Rose Wine
  • Winery: BÜYÜLÜBAĞ
  • Grape: ADAKARASI
  • Region: AVŞA ADASI
  • Selected Tapas: KAPREÇE

This strong rosé wine made from Adakarası grapes distinguishes itself with strong tannins. You may feel the aroma of strawberries and rose on the nose and on your palate. Our Kapreçe tapas, with mozzarella cheese and tomato, brings a balanced taste when paired with this wine.

Fourth Round
Red Wine
  • Region: ANKARA
  • Selected Tapas: MUSSEN

Kalecik Karası is one of the most popular and widely produced grapes for Turkish wine. It is light bodied and easy to drink. We selected this wine from our country’s smallest winery Tomurcukbağ, which produces only Kalecik Karası wines with traditional methods. Our Mussen tapas, made with chicken and walnuts, pairs well with this wine.

Fifth Round
Red Wine
  • Winery: KUZEYBAĞ
  • Grape: ÖKÜZGÖZÜ
  • Region: ELAZIĞ
  • Selected Tapas: HADDUZU

The third red wine of our tasting menu is made from Öküzgözü from the Elazığ region. We selected a special winery from that region for our Öküzgözü wine. Öküzgözü yields medium-bodied wine with low tannins. You may feel the aromas of berries and plum while tasting this wine. Our Hadduzu tapas, with Bosnian pastrami served on dried tomato sauce, pairs well this unique wine.

Sixth Round
Red Wine
  • Grape: BOĞAZKERE
  • Region: MARDİN
  • Selected Tapas: TUZU

When compared with other endemic grape varieties of the Turkish wine world, Boğazkere is a radical misfit. It is a very strong wine with high tannins, and it leaves an acrid taste in the throat while drinking. We chose our Boğazkere wine from an Assyrian winery with a long history of wine production. This wine is paired with our Tuzu tapas, prepared from beef paste, a forgotten Anatolian recipe.